To pay tribute to the 2002 Buckeyes spectacular season, we have painstakingly assembled many of the highlights from that year in a single framed 65" by 45" display.
We begin with the centerpiece of the collage, which is a poster format photo of the final play of the Fiesta Bowl, aptly named, "The Last Stance". This photo has been signed by more than 50 members of the 2002 Buckeyes team, including Head Coach Jim Tressel. The signatures are all fully authenticated and original.
In the top left corner of the display we then present an official Riddell mini helmet of the design that was in use during the 2002 season. The helmet is adorned with Buckeye decals, a tradition started by legendary coach Woody Hayes. Also in the window with the helmet are a pin and a button that were offered as souvenirs following the Fiesta Bowl victory.
Below this, we feature the book, "A Season To Remember", which was produced by the Columbus Dispatch in honor of Ohio State's 2002 championship season.
In the lower left corner we have the Special Commemorative Issue of Sports Illustrated, again produced in honor of the 2002 Buckeyes.
In the top right corner is an original ticket and lanyard that were actually used at the Fiesta Bowl. These are extremely rare commodities, with the vast majority having been eventually disposed of and the few still in existence mostly in the hands of private collectors.
Below this is the Official 2002 Fiesta Bowl Media Guide, used by fans and members of the press to determine facts about the players, teams, and history of the Fiesta Bowl.
In the lower right corner is an actual program from the 2002 Fiesta Bowl, which would have been obtained by a fan at the game.
In the lower center of the display we proudly present a full set of tickets to all 8 of the 2002 Buckeyes' home games. The tickets are presented in order, beginning with the Texas Tech game and concluding with the Michigan game. Programs to both of these games are featured as well, forming the beginning and endpoints of this unforgettable season.
Finally, engraved plaques mounted above the tickets tell the story of the Fiesta Bowl victory, present highlights of the 2002 season, and provide final scores to every game played during that season.






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