The work celebrates Koufax achievement by showing a picture of him following his PERFECT GAME and 4th no-hitter. In addition to original wire photos the tribute includes images of Lou Johnson who recorded the only hit in this game many called the greatest game ever pitched. We show a photo of Bob Hendley the Cub pitcher who pitched brilliantly and only gave up the one hit to Johnson. Moreover, the person who drove Johnson in by sacrifice fly, Ron Fairly is shown.

Furthermore, among the prized artifacts are the ticket from the September 9th, 1965 masterpiece, a program with the actual box score from the epic ball game. We added the record of Vince Scully magical call of the ninth inning and finally autographs of every player who played in the Koufax gem. We believe this special piece is fitting for a special moment in the great Sandy Koufax's career.






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