For the 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers Tribute, aptly titled "WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR", the display measuring 51 x 39 inches contains what may very well be a one-of-a-kind item, namely an autographed Brooklyn Dodgers version of the World Series Program, signed by virtually the entire Dodgers team! The collection of signatures on such an appropriate item makes this display a truly historic and rare piece.

Additionally, the display also contains tickets to all five games of the 1941 World Series, which marked the first of seven times the Dodgers would play the Yankees in the World Series. Within these five tickets is the ticket to Game 4, which stands out even today as one of the most famous "Error Games" in World Series history.

The story behind this is that the Dodgers were poised to win Game 4, and were in fact leading going into the 9th inning, by a score of 4 -3. Winning this game would have set the series at 2 games apiece, as the Dodgers were behind 2 games to 1 prior to this game. With 2 men out and Tommy Henrich batting, pitcher Hugh Casey appeared to strike Henrich out, which would have ended the game. Instead, the ball sailed past usually sure handed catcher Mickey Owen, and Henrich dashed for 1st base. The Yankees would go on to rally for 4 runs that inning, and then held the Dodgers scoreless in their half of the 9th. The Series was now set at 3 games to 1 in favor of the Yankees. Demoralized, the Dodgers then lost the next game as well, ending the Series.

The only game in World Series history since 1941 even coming close to this game in terms of dramatic errors would be the 6th game of the 1986 Series between the NY Mets and the Boston Red Sox, known to all as "The Buckner Game".

Also contained in this display are 2 original wire photos from the Series, one featuring game play, and the other featuring the opposing managers, Leo Durocher and Joe McCarthy. A modern photo of the Henrich - Owen saga unfolding (signed by both Henrich and Owen) adds suspense to the scene. An actual newspaper photo depicting the National League Pennant raising ceremony adds another historical touch to this piece, and then, to top it all off, are an original 1941 Dodgers yearbook as well as a souvenir pennant from that time, purchased at Ebbets Field.

All items that are not self-explanatory are explained by beautiful engraved plaques, so all will be able to understand what he or she is viewing.







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