1961 Roger Maris 61 Home Run Season Historical Tribute

Paying homage to the accomplishment of Roger Maris during the 1961 season has been done in many ways, but rarely, if ever has the entire historical role call ever been placed together as a singular art form, until now.

The top portion of this incredible display (47 x 38 inches) features a signed and authenticated 8 x 10 of Roger Maris in a thoughtful gaze. Original wire photos follow, depicting Maris visiting the Plaque of Babe Ruth in Monument Park of Yankee Stadium, and of a jubilant Maris soon after hitting his 61st Home Run, with a young Sal Durante, the New York teenager who caught the legendary ball and in doing so, propelled himself to celebrity status as well. In addition to these great moments frozen in time are signed photos of Jack Fisher, who gave up Home Run # 60, and Tracy Stallard, who gave up # 61. Both photos are of their respective home runs being hit.

The lower portion completes the historical montage, as it contains signatures of the remaining 44 pitchers who fell victim to the home run power of Roger Maris in 1961. Many fell victim more than once, for a total of 61 home runs being hit against 46 pitchers.

Allowing for the many different handwriting and signature styles of the players, the tribute includes an engraved plaque with the printed names of all pitchers in the display, along with a brief description. All signatures are fully authenticated.







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