"On September 30, 1927, Babe Ruth Hit His 60th Home Run of The Season Setting a Record That Would Stand For 34 Years. On September 26, 1961, Roger Maris Hit His 60th Home Run of The Season Tying Ruth's Record. On October 1, 1961, In The Last Game of The Season, Maris Hit Home Run #61 And Baseball Changed Forever."

Perhaps the single most talked about record in all of baseball is the one that involved 2 men who could not be more different in character and attitude than Babe Ruth and Roger Maris.
While Ruth was known to carry around stacks of his 8 x 10 photos wherever he went, knowing he would be asked to sign over and over again, Roger Maris remained a private man throughout his life. While Babe Ruth nearly always signed a baseball on the 'sweet spot', leaving the less desirable parts of the ball for lesser players to sign, Roger Maris nearly always signed on a side panel, leaving the 'sweet spot' for Mickey Mantle, or any other player who wanted to use it.

This one-of-a-kind tribute measuring to these 2 legendary men is a simple yet stunning display featuring photos of Babe Ruth hitting his 60th Home Run and Roger Maris hitting his 61st. The center photo is a poignant image of Maris visiting Ruth's plaque in Monument Park in Yankee Stadium, in a show of homage and humility that was uniquely Roger Maris.

Under these images are authenticated signatures of both Babe Ruth and Roger Maris, as well as ticket stubs from Maris's 60th and 61st Home Run games, and from Babe Ruth's 60th Home run game. The Ruth ticket, while not dated, matches the correct home game number and bears a period ink notation on the reverse by its original owner noting the historic Ruth homer.

The italicized quote at the beginning of this description has been engraved onto a plaque which completes this display that measures 21 x 38 inches.


On September 30, 1927 Babe ruth hit his 60th Home run of the season setting a rtecord that would stand for 34 years. On September 26, 1961, roger maris hit his 60th Home Run of the season tying babe ruth's record. On October 1, 1961 in the last game of the season, Maris hit Home Run #61 and baseball changed forever."







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